Re: Central of Georgia 1937 1-1/2 door 40' boxcar

Brett Whelan

Yes Pieter it is an excellent article, it inspired me
to build one too. Gene uses CofG decals by Greg Komar
which I believe are available in HO as well.

Brett Whelan

--- pieter_roos <pieter.roos@...> wrote:

If someone needs guidance on doing the kitbash,
there is an excellent
article available on-line by list member Gene
Deimling on building
this car in O Scale using the Intermountain model.
Go to http://www. , to the "free downloads" section and
download issue #3.


-- In STMFC@..., Ted Culotta
<tculotta@s...> wrote:
On Jan 25, 2005, at 5:13 PM, Tony Higgins wrote:

Does someone make a door and a half conversion
kit for these
cars?� I
think I saw a post years ago about a parts set
to convert a Red
Caboose 40' AAR boxcar.� I searched the archive
and saw no
to them.

It was originally a Sunshine mini kit for
attendees of Naperville
many years ago. Riverdale Station was selling
them after that, but
believe that they ran out long ago. It's actually
an easy kitbash.
You need to narrow a left door and add door tracks
using strip
The CofGa set from Microscale will cover the
lettering (better
the decals in the Sunshine parts set did!)

Ted Culotta

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