Re: upgraded models was New Walthers USRA 55 ton hopper

Tim O'Connor

Yeah, I think we discussed these when they were first announced. Now as to a pleasant surprise has anyone else seen the retooled Athearn 85' TOFC flat (Blt 1959) so they fit (barely). I was impressed by the metals wheelsets and freestanding grabirons on these cars. I was not impressed with the low $20's price tag, even with the two trailers included.

Brian Carlson
Brian, a nit: the Athearn represents a car first built in 1960.
The earlier cars had slight fishbelly sills.

How do you know the Athearn model was retooled? I looked at them
and they appear to be unchanged (except for the grabs?) and all
of them had 1970's trailers anyway. They are pricey too.

Tim O.

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