Re: Comments on B&M X-29 box cars in RMC ad

Ted Culotta <tculotta@...>

On Jan 25, 2005, at 3:48 PM, Tom Lawler wrote:

In Feb 05 RMC, page 25 is a Bethleham Car Works ad with a pic of a B&M
X-29 box car.  From the pic it apprears to be a decent looking car.

My 1953 ORER info matches this car for the most part.  It seems the
EW and
EH numbers on the car do not match the ORER but maybe I can live with
Other than that, any comments from the B&M fans on what they think of
car would be appreciated (such as paint scheme, doors, roof, etc).

It's a 1923 ARA design box car - there were 21 for the B&M and 4 for
MTC. The doors (NOT reverse Creco - there is no such animal) are
correct for an as built car, but by then, me thinks they all had been
fitted with Youngstown corrugated doors. Since they were also top hung
doors, the door tracks are incorrect. You can get the correcr parts
from several sets of Grandt Line Camel wood doors. Oh, by the way,
they had Duryea underframes. Here is what the model should look like
as built (see below). The big change for your era would be the doors.

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