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> It's a 1923 ARA design box car - there were 21 for the B&M and 4 for
> MTC.  The doors (NOT reverse Creco - there is no such animal) are
> correct for an as built car, but by then, me thinks they all had
> fitted with Youngstown corrugated doors.  Since they were also top
> doors, the door tracks are incorrect.  You can get the correcr parts
> from several sets of Grandt Line Camel wood doors.  Oh, by the way,
> they had Duryea underframes.  Here is what the model should look
> as built (see below).  The big change for your era would be the


What makes you think that all of B&M's 1923 Steel Design Boxcars had
Youngstown Doors when the photo of MTC #71999 with original "as built"
doors on page 27 of the NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND COLOR GUIDE was taken on
January 30, 1960? 
Silly assumption. I did say I thought, not that they definitely had.

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