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Schuyler Larrabee

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From: Chuck Y

Perhaps the best example of this was the "Alphabet Route"
which regularly beat the big railroads time between Chicago
and NY City area. Don't recall the route out of Chicago
(NKP?) but on the Eastern end it W&LE, P&WV, WM, and RDG.
It was set up like a well practiced sports play with each
line waiting for the connection and quickly passing it on to
the next, with no major yards to slow things down.
Chuck, a couple years ago I was at the Rail Museum (one room in a library) in
Maybrook. The (real railroaders) there said that the handoff from NH to L&HR (I
think) as the very eastern end of the alphabet route typically took less than 10
(TEN!!!) minutes. The locomotives were prepositioned, as was a caboose
accompanied by a switcher, and the pick and place was accomplished in almost no
time at all. The air was left pumped up on the train, so no wasted time getting
the brakes off. Good thing Maybrook is a level yard.


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