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Rich Ramik <rjramik@...>

Considering the significance of the material, one would think that that the
"boys in Washington DC" should have their collective chains pulled by the CO
RR Museum! Local media should be involved as well. There is always some
young gun looking for a good story. At a minimum, the NMRA should be
involved and quite probably the NRHS!

But then again, what do I know?

For What It's Worth,

Rich Ramik


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I just talked with Kenton Forrest, the Archivist at the Co RR Museum, and
here is the "straight skinny" on the ICC Records.

They are in the ahnds of the University of Denver. The university took them
with some promise that they were to get funding for a building to house
No funding was provided and is probably never going to happen. There were
5 containers full of records and they now have been in a DU warehouse for 8

Ever since the records were shipped to Denver Kenton and the Museum
been trying to at least get a look at what is in the roecords. We have
offered to assist in cataloging, sorting, inventorying, etc. with no
success. DU
just stonewalls any attempt for access or assistance. The RR Museum has
offered to store the records or add them to our very well equipped library
archival storage.

So it is at a stalemate and to date we have never met anyone in the Denver
area who has any idea what is there.

BTW. The Co RR Museum has one ORER for each year, with about 4 missing. they

are now hard bound. They are open to visitors and the Library will copy
for 20 cents a sheet plus postage. Library can be reached at 800-365-6263
Tuesday through Saturday 11:30 to 4.

Chuck Yungkurth
Boulder CO

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