P70 Traveling Soybean Exhibit

Bill Lane <billlane@...>

Hi All,

My newest Builders Photo additions arrived tonight. For your downloading
pleasure I give you P70 #3716 that was converted into a traveling Soybean
exhibit, shown here on 8-16-37.

Most of the 10 photos I got were interior shots, with MANY fancy displays
extolling the virtues of the soybean in more uses then were possibly
previously imaginable! Note the "Soybean Exhibit" marked on the blanked out

I am wondering if some Soybean association sponsored the conversion of the
car for the display and the tour costs, or if the PRR was promoting soybeans
as a possible product for shipping.

Also note the VERY tasty almost new REA X29 with the Dreadnaught ends and
Youngstown door.

Lastly here is a Soybean news nugget: the first known commercial soybean
crop was grown in New Brunswick NJ in 1878. You all can sleep better now
knowing THAT fact!

Thank You,
Bill Lane

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