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Brian Termunde

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BTW. The Co RR Museum has one ORER for each year, with about 4 missing. they
are now hard bound. They are open to visitors and the Library will copy pages
for 20 cents a sheet plus postage. Library can be reached at 800-365-6263
Tuesday through Saturday 11:30 to 4.

---> Just a quick note on the CRM; many years ago I wrote them (pre-e-mail)
and asked if they'd be able to assist me in obtaining some information on the
Rio Grande's freight car roster. They were kind enough to send me copies of the
pages of the ORER that had the Rio Grande. Nothing was said about sending
them money or anything, they just helped me out.

---> The Colorado RR Museum has a bookstore and I'd encourage anyone to
patronize them, you are helping a very worthwhile place by doing so.

---> BTW, I am not affiliated with, nor am I a member of, the Colorado
Railroad Museum (although neither is a bad idea!), I just want to support a great
place -- sometime I hope to visit!

Take Care!

Brian R. Termunde
West Jordan, Utah
"Ship and Travel the Grand Canyon Line!"
Grand Canyon Railway
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