Re: Comments on B&M X-29 box cars in RMC ad

Ted Culotta <tculotta@...>

On Jan 27, 2005, at 2:21 AM, Tim Gilbert wrote:

The #71000's, both single sheathed and steel came equipped with doors
which have been referred to as "Reversed Creco" doors, but, to avoid
sensitivity will be called herein as "as built" doors.

I don't look at this as a sensitivity issue. It's just plain fact. I don't care if people say they look LIKE what a a reversed (note the 'd' at the end) Creco door would look like. However, Creco never came within a thousand miles of these doors so to call them reverse Creco is just plain erroneous. This is a situation where we can try to nip a misnomer while it is in its infancy, not trying to start correcting people when I am in my 70s. Let's use the term that the ARA/AAR used to refer to proprietary builder's hardware, fixtures and components which was "Carbuilders' " That works for me.

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