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I have long appreciated photo collectors like Chuck Youngkurth,
Louis Marre,
Harold Vollrath, and Charles Winters, who are easy to get along
with, sell at a
reasonable price, and just want a free copy for their
publication. I could never
do that well with institutions, some of my projects would be
impossible without
such people.

I appreciate this also. Being a person who has researched and
written books the cost of getting copies of photos and then using
them in your publication can be prohibitive. I have limited the
use of photos from certain sources because of the costs. I realize
museums and libraries need to maintain their collections, but it
also needs to be kept in mind that most historical researchers do
not operate with big budgets. For people like me who do it as an
adjunct to their hobby it is even more true. Also, it is unlikely
we can recoup the expenses through the publication process. Writers
of railroad books do not get rich. We may be lucky to break even.
Our reward is knowing we have helped preserve part of the historical
record and what small measure of "fame" that might accrue.

Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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