Re: New Walthers USRA 55 ton hopper

Jay Bingham <j.bingham@...>

Garth Groff wrote:

The Accurail car lists at $9.98, while
the Walthers car is over $13 :-$ , but I suppose it is fully
(in China, of course). I don't see that we're being well served
here. I
would rather stick with Accurail, which at least is an American

With the growth of historically national coporations into multi
national corporations and their presence in China, the auto makers,
retailers such as Walmart and Home Depot, food service coporations
such as McDonalds, the distinction between buying American blurs.
Arguably the wage paid to the plant employe assembling the Walther's
product allows that Chinese worker to go to McDonalds for supper and
to go to Walmart to supply his or her home thus adding to the bottom
line of such coporations.

Jay Bingham
Pacific Palasades, CA

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