A Certain American Company (was new Walthers USRA 55 ton hopper)

Shawn Beckert

Tony writes:

There is nothing wrong with loyalty to American companies and
workers, but such loyalty ought to be an informed loyalty.
Companies do vary in their practices in this area.
Speaking of loyalty to a company - and freight cars <g>, has
anyone here been paying attention to Life-Like lately? Every
time I check out their web page there's another non-railroad
product, like drink coolers and foam packing material. The
latest "railroad" item: Norman Rockwell "collectible" boxcars.

There's been no new *railroad* products announced for quite
some time, only reincarnations of old cars and locomotives with
sound and other nonsense. I have a closetful of Proto-2000 kits
and locomotives, probably more than I'll ever have time to build.
I can say with some confidence that unless they come up with a
new and different "railroad" product, they will have lost my
customer loyalty - and hobby dollars - for good.

Shawn Beckert

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