Re: A Certain American Company (was new Walthers USRA 55 ton hopper)


There's been no new *railroad* products announced for quite
some time, only reincarnations of old cars and locomotives with
sound and other nonsense. I have a closetful of Proto-2000 kits
and locomotives, probably more than I'll ever have time to build.
I can say with some confidence that unless they come up with a
new and different "railroad" product, they will have lost my
customer loyalty - and hobby dollars - for good.

Shawn Beckert

Shawn I couldn't agree more. LL raised the bar for all other mfgs, now they seem content to lay back and watch the money roll in. They are really frustrating because they refuse to do road names for models they have. You could probably do a one page list of obscure (small) roads they will do but look the other way on some other (larger) roads. When you make a commitment in tooling and production cost it seems like they would want to get a maximum return on their dollar for their investment. I give Atlas credit here as they have done some projects that have really surprised me and they all seem to sell out. I've spent enough money to own stock in Life Like over the years but I can't remember when the last time was that I bought any of their products. Kadee has raised the bar so high maybe they feel they can't compete and will try to milk out what they can from existing tooling. Todd Horton

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