Re: A Certain American Company


I really do question how company come up with what they do. Have you noticed that if you model C&O you are blessed with way more choices than some others. There are many strong Historical Societies that could provide the manufactures with all they need. I would love to see more choices. My question is "are there that many C&O modelers out there that they eclipse the "Hill Lines" crowd or many others for that matter? steve

Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> wrote:
Steve Fuchs writes:
"How many more UP Challengers do we need."

Well, actually, at least one more. I refer to the first Challenger,
the so-called "light" Challenger, the first series of 15 engines
delivered in 1936.

Mike Brock

Hear, hear! But weren't there a lot of different versions? And
how wide is the door opening on a UP Challenger anyway? (Knowing
the moderator would never discuss anything but freight cars on
his own list.)

Tim O.

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