Re: A Certain American Company

Tim O'Connor

Shawn Beckert wrote

There's been no new *railroad* products announced for quite
some time, only reincarnations of old cars and locomotives with
sound and other nonsense. I have a closetful of Proto-2000 kits
and locomotives, probably more than I'll ever have time to build.
I can say with some confidence that unless they come up with a
new and different "railroad" product, they will have lost my
customer loyalty - and hobby dollars - for good.

I'm confused Shawn. You have more models than you'll ever have
time for, but you're angry because they are not bringing out new
toys fast enough for you???

Life Like is cranking out new stuff -- but their web site stinks.
Once you understand that, you look for new sources: use the All
American Trains web site in Europe (is .DE for Denmark?). There
you can check out the lengthy list of future P2K models.

I think I recall Larry Grubb gave us the bad new on freight cars
a couple of Naperville's ago: very little chance of more of them
from P2K. The profit margins are too thin and the tooling costs
nearly as much as a locomotive.

Also, I think Athearn, Atlas and Walthers are giving Life-Like
some serious competition. Personally, if I know Athearn and P2K
are doing a new engine, I'll opt for the Athearn version.

Tim O.

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