Re: A Certain American Company

Shawn Beckert

Tim O'Connor sez:

I'm confused Shawn. You have more models than you'll ever have
time for, but you're angry because they are not bringing out new
toys fast enough for you???
I'm not angry at all. I'm being matter-of-fact as to where I'll spend
my future disposable income. If I have all the P2K stuff I need, and
they cease to manufacture anything new that I care about, it's obvious
they won't garner any attention - or revenue - from me. And selling
the product is the name of the game, no?

I think I recall Larry Grubb gave us the bad new on freight cars
a couple of Naperville's ago: very little chance of more of them
from P2K. The profit margins are too thin and the tooling costs
nearly as much as a locomotive.
I'm aware of what Larry Grubb said. Do you accept his reasoning? If
profit margins are that small, why do other companies continue to
make new items? Wanna be the first to tell Southern Car & Foundry
that they ought to close up shop because they won't make enough cash
on their forthcoming kits?

Also, I think Athearn, Atlas and Walthers are giving Life-Like
some serious competition. Personally, if I know Athearn and P2K
are doing a new engine, I'll opt for the Athearn version.
Atlas and Athearn *are* doing better than P2K, at least with their
locomotives. Now if we could get Atlas to make a freightcar kit that's
up to current accuracy standards (unlike the 11k ACF tankcar), we'd
really have something to look forward to.

As for Walthers giving anybody competition: with what???

Shawn Beckert

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