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I really do question how company come up with what they do. Have
you noticed that if you model C&O you are blessed with way more
choices than some others.

There still is no AAR alternate standard hopper car model, so I'd
have to say C&O fans are SOL so far.

Vendors need smart modelers on staff to make good choices. Until
Marty McGuirk went to Intermountain, they were no modelers there.
And of course, vendors tend to go back to the same consultants
over and over again, and often don't notice until too late that
well has gone dry.

At one time Life Like was believed to produce only models that
were good for CB&Q (and I think Charlie Vik may have taken the
rap for that?) And Paul Graf of Atlas once told me if it didn't
run on the Reading or PRR, he wasn't interested in it. But obviously
that was too limited a view, and the vendors have brought out new
items that don't fit that view.

It's not like I would really be unhappy if no one ever made another
model train.... :-) But I worry that if they stopped making those
they also would stop making couplers, wheels, and details that I
will be needing for a long time to come.

Tim O.
As much as I agree with the concerns about where this hobby is going
and what kind of products vendors are offering, we on this list need
to remember one really important detail. We are the minority of the
model buying public.
I would suggest that Red Caboose, Intermountain, Branchline, etc would
all go broke if they relied on this group of modelers for buying most
of their product. As much as I hate to admit it.
As the French say C'est la vie.
Pierre Oliver

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