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Paul Hillman

Thanks Jim for your response,

Good info!! I should need to get a copy of Johnson's L&N Color Guide.

I first had an HO model of an L&N 40 foot,(PS-1 [?]) boxcar from,
Varney (?), Athearn (?) back in 1961. It got lost in our moving that
year. I always really liked that boxcar.

When I was in Salem, Indiana, in about 2001, there was still an old
L&N, 40 foot boxcar, (Ps-1 ? ), parked on a CSX siding there. It
reminded me of that old boxcar. The CSX used it for "parts-storage".

Yes, I think that the "DF", (Damage-Free), lettering was still on
it's side. I have photos of it stored away here to confirm that,
if/when I can find them. "Dates" might still be legible, maybe, since
the car was quite weathered.

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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According to Steve D. Johnson in L&N Color Guide, Volume 1 (Morning
Books) blue was first applied to boxcars to signify they were
equipped with
load retaining devices, particularly DF belt rails; he indicates
"later" some boxcars fitted with only lading tie anchors and even
standard XM boxcars were painted blue.

On page 23 there is a photo of L&N 97140, a 50-foot PS-1 in blue,
taken at
Chicago, IL in September 1960. The car is still stenciled "NEW 8-
57." This
car is equipped with DF loaders.

On page 26 there is a photo of L&N 97893, a 50-foot car built by
ACF in
December 1960; it is stenciled "NEW 12-60" and is boxcar red/brown.

My guess is, during the period of this list, that blue would have
only been
used on the DF equipped cars; otherwise, they were standard boxcar

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD
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What year did the Louisville & Nashville start using the "medium"
blue paint scheme on their 40 foot boxcars, (and/or other cars)?

I know that scheme existed in 1961.

Paul Hillman

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