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Todd, do you mean "do road names" for roads which didn't have
the car in question? LL has specifically chosen not to do this, so that
any Proto2000 model can be relied on to be accurate, or very close.
That's one reason for the "obscure roads" you mention. Many other
mfgrs. put whatever road name they like (Athearn is about as
promiscuous as they come in this regard), but not LL. Personally, I
prefer it that way. Of course, YMMV.
Tony, sorry to be confusing. What I meant was that LL has models but they
have chosen not to do certain roads that had the same car or locomotive. Case in
point, they have so far refused to do anything C of G even though they
currenly have about half a dozen models that would apply. The argument will likely
come back as a small and obscure road but then I say look at Atlas. They did a
run of TA&G GP-38's. They promply sold out and Atlas did a run of them with the
GP-7 model. My point is that if you have the tooling for the model why not
try something new? I'm 100% against freelace schemes as well. Todd Horton

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