Re: 0.88 wheels: Anyone experiencing any problems?

Brian Carlson

I've been building all new rolling stock with code 88 wheels for about 2 years now and converting older as time allows. I haven't experienced many trackwork problems. One problem I have experienced often though is Shinohara turnouts are often out of gauge which leads to derailments. I havn't had a problem on Atlas or Micro engineering code 83 track.

As for axle lengths Reboxx publishes a guide which is a good start however, I've found it useful to have a supply of common axle lengths. For the record , most of the axles lengths I use are 1.015, 20, 25 or 30 inches.

Once you see flats, hoppers, tanks and gons from the end view you get hooked.

Brian Carlson

stefanelaine <> wrote:

I'm thinking of upgrading to the narrower wheelsets offered by Reboxx
(I know, I know...get with the program;-) Is anyone having any
problems with these? Any differences in how you are weighting your
freight cars?
Any track which should not be used? I've got Micro Engineering
cd83,cd70 and Atlas cd83. Any thoughts on the best axle lengths for
Kato ASF and Proto trucks?

Thanks in advance.
Stefan Lerché
Duncan, BC Canada

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