ATSF Bx-3/6

s shaffer

I am completing one of Westerfield's Bx-3/6 modern boxcar kits #3651. This
car has the AB brakes and corrugated door. I need specific car numbers that
were in service in the 1950's, a source of photographs would also be
helpful. Of my reference books, the most helpful has been Ellington, Berry
and Martens book Stock Cars of the Santa Fe Railway. Which has a short
history of the Bx-3/6 class cars. It says that in 1951 200 Bx-6 cars were
converted to general merchandise service by upgrading to Ajax and AB brakes
to comply with ICC directives. They were renumbered to 40800 through 40999.
Number 40807 was retired in 1973. It also says that number 120530 the last
survivor of the original number series retired in 1969.

What does general merchandise service mean?

Would car number 120530 still have had KC brakes and vertical brake staff?

Most photographs I can find of the cars in later life are of the ones
modified for zinc, ice or salt service, not to mention all the stock cars.
I could just pick a number from ranges of numbers provided in books but the
model is turning out so nice I would like to have a "real" number.

Thank you for any help.
Steve Shaffer

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