Uses for Reefers (was Re: Wabash to the B&O at Decatur)

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Refrigerator cars hauled more than just food. I worked at a Johnson's
Wax pressure packing plant in 1966. Household and commercial products
were shipped in URTX reefers and RBLs, including the JWAX cars modeled
by Walthers. Non-pressure-packed products were shipped there also. Any
product needing protection from excessive heat or cold is valid cargo
for refrigerator cars. Spot and pickup reefers at some of your
industrial sites in your modeling operations.

Doug Brown

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"Chet French wrote:
While looking for something else, which I did not find, I came upon
list of perishable loads delivered to the B&O from the Wabash at
Decatur, IL, between April 13th and 23rd, 1951 destined to
Indianapolis. Hope it will be of interest to some.

That would make a nice train to model! Most of the cars can
done one way or another. The only "ringer" is the canned goods,
the NWX car is obviously in use as an insulated box car and would
have been iced."

Tony, you are of course correct here about the the NWX car
being used as an "insulated box car", but I wonder if many
people know that it would not have been necessary to use a
refrigerator car for this type of service at the time this
was being done. "Carriers Protective Service" on canned
goods was in force from October 1st. thru April 1st. of any
given year. This of course was done to prevent the freezing
of the goods in temperature swings the car might be subjected
to in transit. Unless the shipper requested a refrigerator
car be supplied for this movement specifically, and the
shipment was made prior to April 1st., he could have used
an ordinary box car. I put this out for everyone as it
may be of help for billing cars on our model railroads.


Jerry Stewart
Chicago, Ill.

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