Re: So why are we doing this?

Dave & Libby Nelson <muskoka@...>

From: Gail & Tom Madden [mailto:tgmadden@...]
I like the thought of some sort of refuge where we can go off
and discuss things candidly without being badgered by the
Great Unwashed, but we need to be careful - from their
viewpoint there's no discernable difference between
the Algonquin Round Table and a bunch of elite snobs
holding forth in private.
Per egroups terms of service:
Group Content may be private or public. If a group is intended to be
private, it is the sole responsibility of the member who has created the
list (the "Moderator") to use the Service properly to make sure that such
privacy is achieved, including by establishing appropriate policies for the
group and securely managing passwords and other access capabilities.

If there is a desire to go private, egroups allows one to do so. Is there
such a desire and/or is that what you want Mike?

Dave Nelson

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