Re: LV Box Car Lettering

Richard Hendrickson

I have an old Athearn metal sided Lehigh Valley AAR box car kit
produced in the late 1940's which has the words 'Lehigh Valley'
above the reporting marks and under this the slogan 'Route Of The
Black Diamonds'. Is this a legit LV paint scheme and if so, what
time frame would it have been used on the cars? Thanks.
Frank Brua
Frank, I have two builder's shots of LV cars with this lettering scheme
(both also had black diamond heralds to the right of the doors). One was
built by Pressed Steel Car Co. in 1941 and was a 1937 AAR standard steel
box car with 10'0" IH, 4/5 round-cornered Dreadnaught ends, and Youngstown
corrugated doors - standard, that is, except for the fact that it had a
Duryea cushion underframe.
The other car was one of the first production Pullman-Standard PS-1s, built
in 6-47, but that isn't - of course - a suitable prototype for the Athearn

LV had other 1937 spec. AAR steel box cars with standard AAR underframes,
but I'm not aware of any photographs showing them with the "Route of the
Black Diamons" slogans. However, they may have been so stenciled when new
if that was the LV's lettering standard in the 1940s.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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