Re: Uses for Reefers (was Re: Wabash to the B&O at Decatur)

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During the summers of 1964, 1965 I worked for the Milwaukee Road in their
freighthouse at Galewood (Chicago). Most of the operation was devoted to
distribution of Montgomery Wards merchandise from railcar to railcar and
railcar to truck trailer.

A couple of college kids got to work the "candy house" which was a separate
operation at the west end of the loading docks. Once the supervisors figured
out you could read and were responsible you became a candidate for that
operation. It was a great job which consisted of loading candy into
westbound refrigerator cars being used as RB insulated cars. They weren't
iced to my knowledge. Points west on the Milwaukee Road and Union Pacific as
well as candy destined for overseas in the Pacific were common. In June and
July, Halloween and Christmas candy for the Phillipines and Viet Nam were
what we loaded for those destinations. US cities were getting anything
Chicago candy makers produced.

URTX reefers, cleaned after bringing produce to the city, were sent back
west with loads of candy. Model a wholesale grocer and spot a load of candy.
Then send the car on to a produce terminal for its trip back east.

Richard H. Berry
Warsaw, Indiana

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