Re: Gondola help

Richard Hendrickson

A freind has several Life-Like gondolas which are all freight car
red. He would like to paint one or two black. Can anyone supply info
on any of these gons that were black, other than the models that are
available? Repaints would be fine, he models 1965.
Also anyone have any photos of CGW gondolas?
Thanks for your help,
Clark Propst
Clark, the biggest fleets of Greenville design gons were those of the Erie
and the NYC. The Erie cars, which were painted black, were renumbered into
the Erie-Lackawanna roster beginning in the early 1960s, and I have several
photos of them in E-L paint and lettering (for which, IIRC, Life-Like
didn't issue a model). That's certainly one possibility. DT&I's
Greenville-design gons were also painted black, but in the mid-'60s all (or
almost all) of them were in auto frame service with racks installed for
stacking frames on end. WP's gons were black also, but L-L did a factory
P/L job for them and that scheme didn't change signficantly from the '40s
into the '60s.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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