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If I recall correctly, the candy was from a variety of makers, all going to
the same city. Somewhere else, perhaps on this list, I read about a candy
marketing association although I have no idea how the candy got to the dock
and /or was consigned. I just loaded it.

Brachs, and Holloway come to mind as Chicago candy makers and I know there
have to be many more.

Richard H. Berry
Warsaw, Indiana

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URTX reefers, cleaned after bringing produce to the city, were sent back
west with loads of candy. Model a wholesale grocer and spot a load of
Then send the car on to a produce terminal for its trip back east.
Was this sort of an lcl deal, with several candy makers' products combined
on one car for a
consignee, or were they solid loads of one manufacturer's products? Or a
little of both?
What candy makers were located in Chicago? (Baby Ruth comes to mind.)

Walt Lankenau

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