Re: Intermountain milk car kit?

Tim O'Connor

Andy Miller wrote

IM had photos and test shots of them at Springfield today. They are a round
bottom Pfaudler car.
Hey Andy, I was right! What do I get? :-)

>>> Marty McGuirk wrote (Dec 16, 2004)
>>> If you think the Santa Fe stockcar was an "odd" choice -- wait until you
>>> see the next all-new injection molded car I've got up my sleeve....

>> Tim O'Connor wrote
>> I love a challenge!! :o) Let's see...
>> Aha! It's a two-bay, AAR alternate standard 50 ton hopper.
>> Ok, maybe not. That doesn't address the ABSOLUTELY no use for...
>> OOOH! OOOOH!! I know -- it's a MILK CAR!!!


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