Uses for Reefers (was Re: Wabash to the B&O at Decatur)

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"URTX reefers, cleaned after bringing produce to the city, were
sent back
west with loads of candy. Model a wholesale grocer and spot a load
of candy.
Then send the car on to a produce terminal for its trip back east.

Was this sort of an lcl deal, with several candy makers' products
combined on one car for a
consignee, or were they solid loads of one manufacturer's
products? Or a little of both?
What candy makers were located in Chicago? (Baby Ruth comes to

To answer your questions here Walt, both LCL and car load
traffic could be used to answer the shippers needs. What ever
he had to ship, the railroad and it's freight house where
there to answer the needs.
As to the candy makers in Chicago, there are many, but the
big one that certainly comes to mind it Mars Candy Co., just
West of the Galewood city yard of the CMStP&P in Chicago
proper, and yes they did make the "Baby Ruth" bar.


Jerry Stewart
Chicago, Ill.

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