Re: PFE R-30-9

Tim O'Connor

Richard Hendrickson wrote

Brian, in all of the photos I have of R-30-9s after the T-section trucks
were replaced, the trucks that replaced them were AAR with spring planks
and Barber lateral motion bolsters. No one makes that truck in HO scale
but the closest thing to it is Accurail's mis-named "Bettendorf" truck.
"AAR" covers a broad spectrum, eh? A 1954 photo of PFE #93151 shows two
different trucks. Both have spring planks as you say. One resembles the
'Type Y' (2DF8) sideframe. An earlier photo of PFE #85210 clearly shows
this sideframe, and it does not appear to have the friction wedges which
(I think) identifies the Barber bolsters (or not?).

Tim O.

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