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I stand corrected! I went to the meet this weekend in
Springfield, Ma and tripped over the F&C display. They put up a
display with many assembled examples of their models, including the
mini box. Long story short... I now have to assemble a resin mini
box! Now, I didn't take a scale to it, but it really looked quite
nice built up. (guess i'll have to find a use for that other radial
One other question: The kit has three ends in it. Two without,
and one with a lumber door. I just briefly looked at the
instructions last night, but didn't see anything which described
which numbered cars received which end. Is there any data available
which shows how the two ends were divided amoung the series?

Phil Buchwald

--- In STMFC@..., Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@s...> wrote:
Phil, can you offer some comments on what it is about the F&C mini-
box kit ends that leads you to seek out another modelling option? I
have a few of these kits and the predecessor Yankee Clipper models,
and generally thought they were pretty good, but have not done a
careful critique.

Rob Kirkham

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