Re: W&R AC&F high walkway tank schemes

Mr Charles burns

Hi Ted
I'd be interested in some Chartrand decals for my 1964 ESPEE
Coastline layout. I don't suppose you could make a few N scale decals?
Charlie Burns

--- In, Ted Culotta <tculotta@s...> wrote:

If there is any interest, I can do the Chartrand decals. List
speak now or forever hold your peace. I guess it will be Magnolia
Texaco for the 8,000 gallon cars, both of which I have from
When you send the Chartrand phots, if you could also include the
Barrett Tarvia photos (the two early schemes - 1950 doesn't exist
us. I could see about Barrett Tarvia 1940s decals.

I'm saving my one Mobil red car for the Standard Tank Car offerings
from Southern Car & Foundry. I saw the etchings for the tank at
Beach and I am excited. I'll only want about a dozen different
varieties of these cars.

On other tank news, Steve Funaro said (take grain of salt) that
was planning to do both the radial course GATC tanks and the UTLX X-
I would love to see both in styrene, especially if they are
like his other tank car kits, but I'm not holding my breath. I can
hope though.

Thank you.


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