Sources for Hubinger Co. Tank photos

Rob Adams

I'm looking for sources of steam-era tank cars lettered for The Hubinger Company in Keokuk, IA to assist me with creating artwork for decals to letter these cars. There were at least two lettering schemes. One, black(presumably) lettering on a silver and black car, I have one poor photo of a GATX car lettered in this way. A later scheme had light-colored lettering on a black car, again GATX, but a newer car, and this scheme included an "OK Brand" corn syrup logo on the left side of the car. The J.C. Hubinger Company produced Corn Starch and Corn Syrup. I'll be building a model of their Keokuk, IA plant as part of my layout. If any of you have photos of these cars or can suggest sources, I'd be most grateful. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Rob Adams

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