Re: "Standard" rivet sizes

Jeff Coleman

My experience with rivets started in the mid 1970's working on N&W
hopper cars. The side stakes used 3/4" and safety appliances 5/8",
which is still standard on new cars. I'll check some of the old box
cars we have at work tomorrow and let you know what I come up with.
Hope this helps some.
Jeff Coleman
--- In STMFC@..., Ted Culotta <tculotta@s...> wrote:
Does anyone know or can someone direct me to a source of
information on
the typical (most common) size(s) of button head rivets used on box
cars and gondolas and cone head rivets used on tank cars? I
that these things varied, but for the purposes of HO scale, the
differences would subtle to say the least. Any key dimension will
fine, e.g. the diameter of the button or cone or the diameter of
body (rivet post) can be used, as I have the AAR specifications
provide the formulas for calculating one dimension with another

Ted Culotta

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