Re: C&O Stock Car Models - Follow Up

Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...>

Taking Ed Mines' tip, I pulled the two articles from Mainline Modeler. An
article with drawings by Bob Hundman and photos of the C&O 95200-95249
series cars appeared in the March 2000 issue. Based on this information,
the following corrections are made to my last post on these cars:

- C&O 95200-95249 did not have Duryea cushion underframes. C&O 95250-95299
- Roof is a 15-carline (including the ends) Murphy XLA roof.

The other article by Mark Montague appeared in the January 1985 Mainline
Modeler, and featured C&O 95000-95199, 36 ft cars built by AC&F in

The March 2000 issue is available direct from Hundman Publishing:

The January 1985 issue is out of print. This article was reprinted in The
Best of Mainline Modeler's Freight Cars Volume 2, also out of print.

Ben Hom

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