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I'm sure this was covered a long time ago, but is the Atlas reefer
suitable for any of the Swift Co. wood reefers?

Also, any ideas on modelling their 15000 series steel reefers?

Thanks in advance
Stefan Lerché
Duncan BC Canada

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The Atlas web site indicates that the car is based upon a Cudahy
design, I have discovered a photo of a Cudahy car in the "Cudahy -
Sunlight" scheme with 2-hinges per door; however, equipped with a
power hand brake. The photo is published on page 47 of Burlington
Bulletin #28.

I also have 3 photos in my collection of Swift reefers that do match!
All 3 Swift cars are in the yellow-orange scheme with "Swift
Refrigerator Line" on the left and "Refrigerator" on the right. Two
of the photos are dated in the 1940's and are in number series 99xx
and 37xx. The third car is in a Swift holding yard awaiting clean out
surrounded by a sea of RED Swift wood and new steel reefers dated

The Swift red scheme first appeared on a General American 1948 built
40 ft steel reefer in series 149xx. I believe that as the wood bodied
cars came due for repair and or paint only the vertical surfaces -
sides, doors and ends were painted the bright red with white trim on
the facia while the roofs if not in need of heavy repair were left in
the original weathered box car red. I recently purchased a print of
Swift SRLX #6505 in fresh RED paint that closely matches the Atlas
car: 4 big hinges, staff brake wheel, similar end sill but equipped
with AB brake. Photo is from Bruce Meyer and dated 6-56 at
Bloomington, IL.

The Atlas model is quite plausable in the red scheme; however, one
should consider adjusting the roof color and adding the black patch
in the lower left for repack data that Atlas overlooked.

John Greedy

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