Re: Atlas or Branchline HO reefers suitable for Swift?


Richard, Tim et al.
Thanks for clearing that up. I seem to have missed these cars when
they came out and perhaps that wasn't such a bad thing;-)I was wanting
to do up some cars given that it looks like Clover House is closing up

I take it the MDC car (should still be lots around) is the best
starting point. What about the steel side cars of the 15xxx series?

BTW I came across a nice article in the February 1993 Railmodel
Journal by Martin Lofton about the Swift cars, but he only cites the
Life Like model as a starting point, so I became curious! I guess I
will stick with Sunshine.
Thanks again
Stefan Lerché
Duncan BC Canada

--- In, Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@o...>
Stefan Lerché asks:

I'm sure this was covered a long time ago, but is the Atlas reefer
suitable for any of the Swift Co. wood reefers?
Personally, Stefan, I don't think the Atlas reefers are suitable
models of
any prototype. They have two major problems (plus some minor ones).
first major problem is the doors. Whoever thought working reefer
doors in
HO scale was a good idea should be banished to outer Mongolia. They're
crude, ugly, and have the wrong number of hinges to model most meat
reefers. The other major problem is the underframe, which bears no
resemblance to any prototype underframe I've ever seen. Of course,
shortcomings may be fixable, but probably not without the kind of major
surgery that requires an exact color match for the factory paint on
RTR models. If you're going to have to repaint and reletter the models
anyway, you'd probably be better off using one of the MDC 36' steel
underframe reefers, carving off the molded-on grab irons, and going from
there to get the details right. Swift operated a variety of 36' wood
reefers, and a lot of photos are available, especially in the 1950s
red/white paint and lettering.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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