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Can you explain series 175000-175999? The 1950, 1953, and 1959 ORER
show variations in number of cars (quite small) and dimensions of the
cars! Was Lot 773-B distributed among 1740000 / 175000 and were cars
moved back and forth? (Just a wild guess.) What's the whole story?

The Lot 773-B cars were never distributed among the 174000/175000 Pacemaker
series of cars. They always remained in the 168000-168999 series. These
cars were 'temporary' Pacemaker cars and were not painted in the vermillion
and gray.

Here is a quick story on the Pacemaker cars:

Lot 737-B - 1000 cars built in 1945 by DSI and numbered 175000-175999. At
this point in time - they were regular service boxcars ( 10' IH with 6'
doors). Early in 1946, the NYC decided to commence Pacemaker Freight
Service ( announced in the April 1946 Headlight), so they selected the
newest cars in the fleet for conversion, which included high-speed trucks
and modifying the brake system. ONLY 425 cars were modified for the initial
service which started in May 1946. The remaining 575 cars were modified
between 1946 and 1953. At the time they were converted, they were
renumbered from 175000-175999 into the 174000-174999 series and given the
vermillion and gray Pacemaker paint scheme.

In 1954 - Pullman delivered 25 PS-1 boxcars with cushioned underframes and
8' doors in Pacemaker colors. These cars were assigned Lot 848-B. These
cars were numbered 175000-175024, which
followed in sequence the 174000-174999 series of Pacemaker cars.

In late 1959 when Pacemaker service was dropped ( replaced by Early Bird and
Flexi-van services), the cars were to be renumbered back to their original
175000 series numbers and had their high-speed trucks replaced and brake
system modified back for regular freight service. I do not know what
happened with the 174000-174024 cars that would have conflicted with the
newer PS-1 175000-175024 cars. Possibly, they were given numbers from
retired cars since 27 cars had be removed from the roster by the end of
1959. Some cars simply had the '4' changed to '5', while others received a
full repaint into the regular NYC boxcar scheme during the 60's.

In total - there were 1225 cars in Pacemaker service - 1000 Lot 737-B cars,
25 PS-1 cars from Lot 848-B and 200 temporary cars from lot 773-B ( which
remained in their regular boxcar red with the Pacemaker Service logo
added and kept their original car numbers ).

Terry Link
Bramalea, Ontario, Canada

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