Re: NYC Pacemaker cars

Tim O'Connor

Thanks Terry. I must be getting dyslexic! My notes say 737-B and
after I read Jeff's email I saw it as 773-B. Those PS-1's in the
same number series are what really threw me!

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From: "Tim O'Connor" <timboconnor@...>

Can you explain series 175000-175999? The 1950, 1953, and 1959 ORER
show variations in number of cars (quite small) and dimensions of the
cars! Was Lot 773-B distributed among 1740000 / 175000 and were cars
moved back and forth? (Just a wild guess.) What's the whole story?

The Lot 773-B cars were never distributed among the 174000/175000 Pacemaker
series of cars. They always remained in the 168000-168999 series. These
cars were 'temporary' Pacemaker cars and were not painted in the vermillion
and gray.

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