GBW Reefers (WAS: Branchline Blueprint reefer paint)

buchwaldfam <duff@...>

Sort of the same subject: I have a couple of these reefers, painted
in the Green Bay & Western scheme. The ones for URTX/MILW and NWX
have a letter "A" or "B" on the box to tell you which of the
optional ice hatch hardware parts to use. There is no such letter on
the GBW boxes, and the instruction sheets are the same as on the
standard cars (the GBW was a limited run, so the instruction sheet
is understandable). The only photos I have of these cars are from
low angle....
Could anyone give me a hint as to which latches to use on the GBW

Phil Buchwald

I am assembling it with the hatches open. I did the same to a Red
Caboose ART reefer, but found you can see into the interior from
above and can see light shining through the yellow sides. I would
have put something to cover the underside of the hatch, had I
Dean Payne

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