Milwaukee Cabooses

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Ah Ha! A CMStP&P segue! (I had to look up how to spell segue...)

I'm also looking for a way to get some "more than just
plausable" MILW cabooses, including wooden and bay window versions.
I can do the building, but the decals are what give me fits. The
only maroon lettering and herald set that I've ever heard about are
a discontinued Champ set. I even looked at the Rail Graphics flyer,
to make a custom set, but the closest that they listed to maroon
is "deep red". Does anyone make a decal or dry transfer set to
letter an orange 1950's era CMStP&P caboose?

Thanks again!

Phil Buchwald

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What is plausable? I have a BLI heavy Mike painted for the
Milwaukee Road, as delivered. I have an Athearn "Milwaukee
Road" caboose, paint scheme correct, number correct, model
totally wrong. Not sure where I can find a CMSt.P&P proper
caboose to put behind my locomotive. So I either run the Athearn
or don't run the loco. Second option leaves my stream era
northwestern railroad cars unused.
Gene Moser

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