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In addition, UP used them to haul sugar beets. This occurred along the
Range north of Denver. I'm not really certain about where the beets were
processed...I know damned well it was not on Sherman I can't say
for sure where they traveled.
For the UP, sugar mills covered the front range north on Denver -- places
like Loveland fer instance. Sugar was also made north and south of Salt Lake
City, and I think a few places in Idaho as well. By and large, beet
movements were very short outside of California, 50-100 miles in 1950.
Close in farms used trucks, so the rail served market was a doughnut.

Beet campaigns in the rocky mountain states usually ran in October thru
November, tho if the weather was mild it might extend into December.
California is unusual in that it also has a May campaign. This translates
into a whole lot of tonnage in a very brief time.

The business of sugar had the mills selling seed under contract so it was
not a seemingly random car movement from farm to highest price location but
more like a unit train.

Excellent coverage of the Colorago beets business in a past CB&Q historical
society issue (number escapes me at the momment).

Dave Nelson

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