Re: WAG to L&NW hand-me-down?

Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...>

Fred Mitchell wrote:
"The Accurail website shows three single sheathed boxcar models lettered for
FtDDM&S, L&NW and WAG:
I understand these roads had a common ownership, and in Mainline Modeler,
Aug 86, there is a picture of WAG 5014, which was actually a former B&M 1924
ARA Standard boxcar (angle braces run the wrong way on the Accurail model).
What I want to know
is, did L&NW actually receive such a car, either direct from B&M or handed
down from WAG?"

Yes. There is a photo of L&NW 5005 taken at Homer, LA in June 1969 on page
54 of Classic Freight Cars, Vol 1. It is clearly an ex-B&M SS boxcar with
internal carline ("X29") roof. No 5000-series numbers are listed in the
January 1959 ORER, so these cars made it to the L&NW sometime in the 1960s.

BTW, here's another photo of the FtDDM&S and WAG cars:

"I have a couple of pictures of L&NW 1932 ARA or X-29 cars numbered in 6000
series, so L&NW 5004 seems to be a logical number."

The 6000-series cars are neither 1932 ARA nor PRR Class X29 (NO DASHES IN
PRR CAR CLASSES) boxcars. They're ex-B&O Class M-26A boxcars, identified by
their replacement 5-panel Superior doors, ARA side sheathing pattern, and
the "M-26A" class stencil that was retained when these cars went south. See
photo of L&NW 6009 on page 28 of the June 1998 issue of Railmodel Journal,
or this photo of L&NW 6040 on the Fallen Flags website:

"If you look at the Accurail pictures, it's embarrassingly clear that the
odd slanted lettering that spells out the full name of FtDDM&S and L&NW
would fit the angle braces if they were correct, as can be seen in the MM
picture of WAG 5014."

FWIW, the Accurail car is also too tall. Fortunately, Funaro has the B&M
cars available, sometimes in polybags for as little as $12 per kit:

They also offer them with WAG decals:

You'll have to come up with decals for the FtDDM&S and L&NW cars. Champ has
reissued HN-147 for FtDDM&S; AFAIK, nobody did L&NW decals, but you can
cobble up the lettering from Champ Private Name and Alphabet sets (looks
like "LOUISIANA" will need to be pieced together). You can salvage the data
from the WAG kit decals for either car.

Ben Hom

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