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Currently, as I understand it, the Station is largely moth-balled,
and the port Depot is now an Army facility. I presume that the
hundreds of time-warp boxcars are probably still there, although I
not know for certain.


Denny S. Anspach, MD

Most of the boxcars are stored in good condition adjacent to Willow
Pass Road in Concord and visible from the road. Take the Concord Exit
from Highway 4. HOWEVER, it is a busy two lane road and the Highway
Patrol and the Concord Police take a dim view of anyone stopping to
take photos -- highway safety and military security are both issues
that they get concerned about. The box cars are weathered all silver
with DOD reporting marks, and appear to be "standard" 1937 era box
cars with no special equipment. The station was built in 1942 and the
rail equipment probably originated at that time. Most cars now have
their doors open. For awhile after the station was mothballed, the
cars were stored with the doors closed, but about 2 years ago, they
were all opend up. I suppose this is for better security - someone
can't camp inside without being seen. Or perhaps it is for better air
circulation to prevent moisture from being trapped inside and causing
mildew (it's a moist, foggy area).

I believe there were 8 or 9 locomotives on the station just before it
closed. The ones that I have seen were Baldwins, painted yellow, some
re-engined with EMD prime movers.

Jim Gillmore, Concord CA

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