Re: Conductor's books - OWRN

Richard Hendrickson

Speaking of conductor books, I have a GB&W book that covers mainline
assignments (Train 1 & 2) for the first two months of 1945.

There is a "round trip" boxcar (inbound feed load, outbound veneer
load 6 days later) with the reporting marks OWRN. I cannot find that
listed in my ORER or on the reporting marks databases online. Any
thoughts? The car is listed as both road number 15516 and 155116,
but the reporting marks are pretty clear.
Look under Union Pacific. OWRN was the Oregon-Washington Railway &
Navigation Co., a UP subsidiary, and OWR&N 15116 would have been a wood
sheathed box car of class B-50-6, series 13698-15847 (155116 is an error,
as there were no cars of that number on the UP or OWR&N roster).

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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