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Andy Laurent wrote:

There is a "round trip" boxcar (inbound feed load, outbound
veneer load 6 days later) with the reporting marks OWRN. I
cannot find that listed in my ORER or on the reporting marks
databases online. Any thoughts? The car is listed as both
road number 15516 and 155116, but the reporting marks are
pretty clear. Ontario & Western? Oregon & Northwestern? The
car is listed with gross tonnages of 21 inbound,
32 outbound.
This might help:

Oregon Washington Railway & Navigation Co. (OWR&N) operated all UP lines in
Oregon and Washington. OWR&N was incorporated in November 1910 as a
consolidation of Oregon Railroad & Navigation Co. and 14 other companies in
the states of Oregon and Washington. The Oregon Railroad & Navigation Co.
was incorporated in 1897 as a reorganization of Oregon Railway & Navigation
Co., which had been in receivership since 1893. The original Oregon Railway
& Navigation Co. was organized in 1879. OR&N connected with UP's OSL at
Huntington, Ore., in November 1884 and the OR&N was leased to OSL in January
1887. UP through its OSL subsidiary bought 50 percent of the OR&N stock in
November 1889, giving UP control of this important link to the Pacific

Union Pacific controlled OSL from 1899; OWR&N's predecessor OR&N from 1899;
and LA&SL from 1921. OSL, OWR&N, and LA&SL were leased for operation by UP
in November 1935, and all four railroads were consolidated for single-line
operation as the Union Pacific System on January 1, 1936.

These separate OSL, OWR&N, and LA&SL corporations remained separate as
wholly owned companies until December 1987. On December 29, 1987, OWR&N, Des
Chutes Railroad and Yakima Valley Transportation Co., were merged with OSL.
On December 30, 1987, OSL was merged with UP, and on December 31, LA&SL,
Spokane International (controlled by UP since October 1958), and Mount Hood
Railway were merged into UP.

Don Strack

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