Re: San Francisco Bay Area PM Meet?

Richard Hendrickson

Schuyler Larabee chides:

Actually, Richard, with all due respect (and there's quite a bit due) I think
you should look in the mirror. There's as much factionalism in your note
as in
whatever "attitude" might have come from Rob.
Schuyler, there's a lot of past history behind my reaction, which I won't
bore you (or other list subscribers) with, but in my own defense I'll just
say that I don't think those who are familiar with that past history will
consider my post to be excessively contentious. I hope my "take" on the
forthcoming meeting is wrong, and if it is, I"ll be the first to say so.
But at this point I'm not optimistic. Now, back to steam era freight cars.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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