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Phil Buchwald writes:
If this is a 12 panel instead of a 16 panel riveted car, is the
Accurail 50 foot riveted car useable as a Southern Pacific car? Just
asking because I have, guess what?, a couple of the Accurail 50 foot
cars, and don't know what to do with them. Have never seen a photo
which matches that panel layout.
If so, what series is the Southern Pacific car?
The Accurail 50-ft. single-door car has a slight fishbelly side sill, which would have to be removed for an SP car, such as B-50-34, which had a straight side sill. It also has a very narrow panel (or at least rivet row) next to the door, which would have to be removed or ignored for use with SP lettering. I don't have such a model, so can't check dimensions relative to the SP cars. The Accurail model does have single rivet rows, thus ruling out some other 50-ft. SD classes which had double rivet rows.

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