Re: What Front range and CB&T kits have any value

Tim O'Connor

Phil, the ACCURAIL 50 foot box car tooling -IS- from the
FRONT RANGE box cars. They were transformed into one-piece
bodies with separate underframes (instead of separate roofs).

Accurail did at least one accurate SP 50 ft, double door car
with unusual gothic lettering. They used a computer font but
it's passably close and no one makes decals for it anyway.

Tim O.

If this is a 12 panel instead of a 16 panel riveted car, is the
Accurail 50 foot riveted car useable as a Southern Pacific car? Just
asking because I have, guess what?, a couple of the Accurail 50 foot
cars, and don't know what to do with them. Have never seen a photo
which matches that panel layout.

If so, what series is the Southern Pacific car?

Phil Buchwald

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