Re: What Front range and CB&T kits have any value


Like I said...I'm not sure about the authenticity of these kitbashes.
There is no mention of 10' vs 10'6" on the 40'ers. He used the FR
#5100 for the 50' car and the FR#4070 for the 40' car.

I guess it's another case of "good enough to publish".

--- In STMFC@..., Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@c...> wrote:
Stefan Lerché wrote

According to the article, these were apparently patterned after
NP#6000-7899 series cars, so they may be a potential project as well
(someone more knowledgable may want to chime in).
That can't be right. The NP cars were riveted and had ZU eave roofs
and straight side sills. The model is welded, has drop sills and a
flush roof.

Smaus also used the 40' riveted, deep sill FR car with a new 10' door
for the lumber car rebuilds with the famous yellow diagonal stripe
(apparently various number series from 172000 to 189999.
That definitely was wrong, since the SP rebuilds were made from 10'
interior height cars, and the model is a 10'6".

Tim O.

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